The WordPress and Tech Podcast

Ep # 12 - What's needed to move my WordPress Website

January 09, 2023 Natalie Crowe Season 1 Episode 12
The WordPress and Tech Podcast
Ep # 12 - What's needed to move my WordPress Website
Show Notes

In this episode we're chatting in regards to what's needed if you ever run into the situation where you and your Developer need to part ways or you need to move your WordPress website to another hosting provider. 

I specialise in Self Hosted WordPress Websites rather than those held at WordPress[dot]com . It is possible to migrate your content from  .com however that's another conversation.  This is for those who pay hosting to another company other than WordPress[dot]com 

We'll be discussing what options are available  depending on what level of access you have. 

Levels of access include:  

  • Full Access to your Hosting &  your WordPress Dashboard
  • No access to hosting but Administrators access to WordPress Dashboard
  • No Access at all - the site has gone offline -  options to explore 

We also touch on: 

  • Hosting Backups
  • Having your new hosting company migrate your site & emails for you.   
  • WordPress Plugin Backups 
  • Web Archive   /  The Way Back Machine website  

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