The WordPress and Tech Podcast

Ep # 6- Why Hackers target our WordPress Websites

December 07, 2022 Natalie Crowe Season 1 Episode 6
The WordPress and Tech Podcast
Ep # 6- Why Hackers target our WordPress Websites
Show Notes

In today's episode, I'm chatting to you in regards to the reasons why Hackers target our WordPress Websites.  Whilst this isn't to create fear, knowledge is power and understanding WHY they're doing this, gives us a better understanding of the importance of backups and doing our updates. 

I've highlighted 5 common reasons why including:  

  • Theft of personal information
  • Exploiting payment methods
  • Malicious Coding Injection
  • Defacing 
  • Ransom


WordPress Site Saver: Backups & Updates made easy!

"WordPress Site Saver - Backups & Updates made easy" is designed to make backing up and updating your WordPress website painless, convenient and something you feel confident to do. 

The trainings are completely non-techie friendly. 

I'm 100% confident anyone will be able to UNDERSTAND the trainings , and most importantly IMPLEMENT the learning without the tech overwhelm!

I want you to have the piece of mind that your site is backed up. 

I want you to know how to safely complete your WordPress Updates. 

I want you to have the freedom to make changes to your site without the fear of losing it all. Being able to create backups of your site at your leisure will give you that!! 

This training bundle is suitable for anyone with a WordPress Website. New or Existing. 

The "WordPress Site Saver" bundle covers:

  • Importance of backups & why you should do it.
  • Why Hackers want to your site access + other reasons to create your own backups.
  • What you can back up of your website 
  • How to go about it taking a back up. 
  • Different types of backups can take. 
  • How often you should be doing it.

Also Includes:

  • Basic guides to use two of the most common backup plugins
  • Where to store your backup files
  • AND How to take care of your WordPress Updates.

This is an asset for ANY WordPress website owner with a new site or an existing Website. 

Best of all it's a tiny price of 99 and your get lifetime access to the trainings to dip in whenever you need it. 

It's instant access so you can dive into it right now!

There will be some overlap of the content in WordPress101 - however there's more new content in this bundle!

Who's ready to learn how to Backup & Update! 

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