The WordPress and Tech Podcast

Ep # 1 - Welcome to the Podcast - 'Whatshername' & WordPress Expert

December 02, 2022 Natalie Crowe Season 1 Episode 1
The WordPress and Tech Podcast
Ep # 1 - Welcome to the Podcast - 'Whatshername' & WordPress Expert
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to the WordPress and Tech podcast. I'm Nat Crowe from Natalie Crowe Designs at NCDAcademy, and I'm super excited that you are here. In today's episode, I wanna go through and just give you guys a little bit of a background information in regards to who I am,  the type of things that I do, my vision for this actual podcast.

So, as a foundation, I'm known as the WordPress expert from Australia,  with the vast majority of my academy students being,  international. . My wife,  teenage daughter and I,  live in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia. So, we live here with our five fur babies, and I work with a global audience base, so it's in primarily spanning the UK, US and Canada, as well as  my audience here in Australia.

So one of the big things here is I'm super passionate about empowering non-tech user in business to feel more confident today why the WordPress websites and tech without the tech overwhelm, right? So I'm the creator of the ND Academy WordPress 101 course, and the NCD Tech Sessions membership.

 I've also gone through and generated over 750,000. In sales helping non-techies go through and actually build profitable WordPress website. 

I've got 14 years industry experience As a developer, my primary business, I actually go through and offer done for e services. So going through and actually setting businesses up, creating their website. Getting them up and running and building their presence online. Also, going through and actually helping businesses who've already got existing websites go through and actually get themselves , Improve their site and making sure that they're actually performing the way that they're supposed to, plus maintenance and that type of thing.

And then I've got the academy where I actually go through and teach DIY courses, group programs. And I've got my WordPress and tech help membership I do one to one tech support and mentoring. 

I'm also a speaker, so I go through and teach as well as do presentations and trainings in regards to all things WordPress. WordPress has been a passion project of mine for some time.

And I've got my free Facebook community, the WordPress Help Hub. So it's again, designed for non-techies who are considering using WordPress, already have WordPress, but wanna be, in a safe online space to go through and actually ask questions and let's them connect with their peers who are actually in the same sort of, I guess Mindset and experience level, knowing that you've actually got other people where you can go, "Hey, I'm getting stuck on this." " How do we go about doing this? "Or" Does anyone know how to go about actually addressing X, Y, and Z?" 

It can always be encouraging to have a safe space that you can actually go in and actually share,  I've actually achieved this, or my websites showing up, or I wrote blog post or something like that.

But I love having or creating and facilitating that supportive space as well. One of the big things here, I'm a strong believer that anyone can actually learn to do this. Tech is just a  tool for business owners to actually go through, be able to actually connect, be able to actually go through, share their message and demonstrate their abilities and how they can actually help and actually go out and help more people.

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